Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blue Satin

My keys jingle as I unlock the door to my new fourth grade classroom. On the other side of this door, books sit neatly stacked atop each desk. Buckets of sharpened pencils, colored pencils, Crayola markers , highlighters , and pens await eager fingers. What will today hold? I take a deep breath and glance upward praying, "Dear God, please give me the words to teach these young minds." I pause in silence for a few seconds. When I open my eyes the blue satin curtain above my door catches my attention.

I smile as I think back to the project that material was originally meant for. For that project, I was as nervous as I am today. Of course, I was in about 4th grade and my baton instructor had asked me to lead the rest of the twirlers in the Sturgis Week parade. My mom bought this blue satin to sew a flag for my baton.

On the day of the parade, I looked the part with my baton ready. Yet my mind kept questioning, why did she pick me? I'm not good enough to lead everyone else. None the less, there I was out in front leading the group down the parade route.

It seems fitting that this blue satin fabric hangs above my classroom door today, since I have the same questions running through my mind. Why did they pick me? I'm not good enough to lead these children.

Today, I look the part with my desks ready. So, I'll do as I did more than 20 years ago...I'll lead the group through their 4th grade parade, hoping that someone else sees me as well as my Baton instructor did.

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  1. Great connection from past to present. It is sweet that you still have that blue satin. Such things bring such meaning to us, & continue. I hope you had a good time.