Saturday, March 12, 2011

All the Times I love...

After a conversation with my husband tonight, I reflected upon the many reasons that I have to love.  In my day to day routine, I forget these loves and focus on those small insignificant details that will affect my job and my daily home duties.  I must keep my loves at the forefront of my mind, and the rest will fall into place.  I must remember how truly blessed my life is.  I must embrace.  I must appreciate.  I must savor.

 My Loves

I love twinkling excitement in the eyes of my children.  The way it ripples across their whole body preventing stillness.

I love music exploding with emotion.  Mood changing music, forcing your thoughts.

I love when my daughter reads.  A 6 year old making sense of words and pictures, self-checking for comprehension.

I love fun questions tossed around by my 4 year old son.  Making me think of overlooked details.

I love motivation from my husband.  Pushing much-needed positive thoughts into my guarded brain.

I love technology.  New ways to think about communicating, new communities to connect with and explore.

I love God's word speaking to me in the most unexpected ways.  Seeing and hearing God's voice strengthens my weak heart.

I listen...  I notice... I love...    


  1. I love lists, especially your list. I think I could make a similar list -- yours resonated with me.

  2. Beautiful post of all the things to love...