Monday, March 14, 2011

Finding Joy in the Small Things

        Situated comfortably upon my bedroom floor, Kenna in front of me, looking through books and coloring.  Her wet hair twists about her face as I blow-dry it.  Leaning back, she whispers in my ear, "I love when you dry my hair!"
         Curious, I ask her why.  She shoots her "I'm so cute" smile up at me and says, "Because then I get to be with you."  This girl sure knows how to butter her Mama up.  I must agree with her, drying her hair sweetens my night.  Smiling, I glance over at Cole crawling into my closet.
         What is The Little Man up to now?, I wonder as he crawls back out with a pair of my tennis shoes.  Slipping them on his feet, Kenna starts to giggle.  He shuffles around the bed, and back into the closet.  Reappearing with one of my boots on his left leg he begs, "Mama, zip this for me."
         Zipping the knee-high boots, I notice the zipper extending well past his thigh.  "Cole, be careful these have high heels," I warn him wondering how this idea popped into his head.
         "I gotta get the other one," he shouts and hobbles back into the closet.  Returning, his right leg drags the second boot behind him.  Kenna shrieks hysterically as I finish zipping up his boot.  
         Standing in front of Kenna and I, Cole looks suited to go fishing in his thigh-high wader boots.  We both bubble over with laughter as he walks away to show Daddy.  I turn off the hair dryer, and we wait for Daddy's response.  After a minute or so we hear, "Oh, my!"  Cole giggles, and Daddy continues saying, "That's different."
         Minutes later, our little fisherman rounds the corner of the hallway.  Kenna and I laugh at the sight of him.  He grins with that mischievous twinkle in his eye, kicks off both of the boots, and walks off as if he's done that every day.
        Leaning back Kenna whispers in my ear, "I love my little brother."  Curiously, I ask her why.  She answers, "Because he has the funniest ideas."  I smile back at her, enjoying the delight in her eyes.  She sure knows what her Mama likes to hear!  Or better yet, she sure knows how to find joy in the small things.


  1. Michelle...beautifully captured. You expressed Kenna's voice so well (naturally I'm biased because I've heard her voice, but I can imagine it clearly). I can imagine her secretive grin and the way she curls into your body as she shares her thoughts. Well written - sweet and charming. I love your choice of putting an internal thought in the midst of narration and dialogue.

  2. I'm glad you were able to capture such a sweet moment with your kids. You've not only captured the voices of your family, but the emotions that are really at the heart of the story. Now you'll be able to cherish this moment forever. I love that about writing.