Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sucked In...

I can't stay away, even though I planned to skip tonight's post.  I've become completely obsessed with writing, and reading everyone's slices.  I stalk my own blog page waiting for someone's thinking to spring back at me, and give me new thinking from my own writing.

I can't stay away, even though I should be grading papers and going to bed.  I think I have an illness.  Is there a doctor for this writing obsession?  I wonder if my medical insurance will cover it. 

I can't stay away, even though I have been sleep deprived for the past 3 weeks of slicing.  I can't seem to wake up in the morning, but I can't go to bed without writing something from my day.

I can't stay away, so here is a little snippet of my day.  I check my blog before I did anything to get ready this morning.  I check it quickly before I leave for work.  I check it after I come home, and then when the kids are finally snug in their beds - I write.  I read the post.  I preview the post, and reread.  I go back and modify the post, then reread again.  Then I post, and, of course, reread the finished product.  I smile, close my computer and go to bed feeling accomplished.


  1. I have to admit I can't go to bed each night without going on and posting my slice. I love that extra pressure of commitment that allows me to write. Thankfully I don't have to edit mine multiple times to be comfortable posting it :)

  2. As Ralph Fletcher puts it...I'm an okay writer, but I'm great at rereading and revising.

  3. Oh dear....I see so much of myself in your post! Only you had the guts to come out and admit it! :)

  4. Ha! Yes, thank you for being so honest - I do see quite a bit of myself in your post as well. At night, before I go to bed, I have to check to see how many people from different countries have read my blog!

  5. I have been looking at a lot of different decent blogs but your blog sounds cool...