Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tummy Personification

      I swallow a salty bite of sausage and potatoes as Cole jumps down from his chair.  I spear another bite onto my fork, and steer the hot potatoes towards my mouth.  Suddenly my body jolts forward, knocking my delicious bite into my cheek.
      "Cole! Go back to your seat," I groan, "Get out from behind me!"
      Giggling he squeezes me into a hug from behind.  Sighing, I continue eating as his small body wiggles and pushes around between my back and the chair.
       Trying to ignore him, I feel his tiny sticky fingers cupping around my ear as he whispers, "My tummy says that it doesn't want any more food in it."
       I giggle and lean back, sandwiching him between myself and the stiff chair back.  As his giggles and shrieks beg me to stop, I consider his statement.  I guess if anyone would know -his tummy would.


  1. Ha-sounds like a good picture book. What a cute story about your child.

  2. You really captured what it is like to have a lively child at dinner. I have fun memories of those days.

  3. That is quiet inspiring post!!! Nice story..