Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blogging Begins...

Our class has begun writing their own individual blog posts.  They worked very hard to write their first post.  Our goal was to write about something we care about, and try to persuade our readers to change their thinking after reading our post.  We discussed how to use our own experiences as examples, and listing reasons to prove that their view is the correct one.  Our blogs have a wide range of topics.  Each post has one thing in common, they are written about something the author cares about deeply.  Surprisingly, several wrote of why their favorite book series was the best. 

We are working on rereading our posts before submitting them.  We continue to work on using our comments to push everyone’s thinking in a positive way, and to explain our thoughts in our comments with clear words and examples.

Today, I tiptoed through our classroom as the students were spread out across the floor typing posts and comments on our blogs.  Every student was engaged in purposeful communication.  They were discussing how their posts sounded, whether they made sense, or if they could add anything.  They have a reason to complete these posts -authentic audiences.  They are writing in order to change someone’s thinking, to be heard, and to tell their thinking.  

The most exciting part of our blogging does not happen during the school day.  The most exciting part happens after school as several students log on to their blogs to complete their post or read other posts.  I usually have emails confirming new comments within minutes of the kids bounding off their buses at home.  I just spent an hour reading through twelve different blog posts, and more than 30 comments.  How exciting!!

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