Friday, March 11, 2011


Simply said, my day exceeded my own hopes.  
My goals met reality.  
Relief followed.  
My own reflections were confirmed by instant feedback, 
and my body feels less of gravity's effects.  
My questioning, 
my doubt 
cast from their predominant position.  
I stand.  
I believe. 
I am.  


  1. You were fantastic yesterday, Michelle! I wasn't worried at all because I believe in your capabilities. Everyone was quite impressed and learned much from you. Thank you for letting everyone see the possibilities!

  2. Obviously, not knowing what you did (which no doubt was amazing) I can only offer "Congrats! I knew you could do it!" and hope that's enough. I love how you posted your feelings - brief yes, but succinct at the same time. LOVE the short bursts of fragments with the long expressives. Wonderful, Michelle. Happy for you. :)