Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Look into Her Eyes

Alberta J. Bogen, my Grandma
Time.  Goodness knows how time plays its game, yet as people ride the carousel of life, time remains steady.  I looked at this picture, last Monday.

My grandma, holding her first child, stands full of poise and style.  Her beautiful curls fall forward as she turns to smile for the camera.  Her hands, still young and strong hold her precious girl close.  When I look into her eyes, I feel as though I could imagine exactly her thoughts.  The thoughts of a new mother, excited, enthralled, trying to hold onto that very moment.

Pictures without captions, leave out the details for your mind to fill in.  I draw the picture closer.  The sun shines near the end of the day, casting a long shadow across the lawn.  In the background, the daily wash hangs neatly on the line. Perhaps a little stroll, after a day of caring for her precious girl.  Or a visit to a nearby neighbor, breathe some fresh air and get out of the house.

I can see her delight.  Her pride.  Her love.  I use my memory to piece together the details of her as a grandmother.  Yet, time does not allow me to stand face-to-face with this version of her.  What a gift that would be to jump back through time like a hero in Hollywood!  I'd love to look into her eyes, and sit for a chat about being a new mom and her dreams for the future.  I'd love to compare her stature to my own...to really see if I look like her.  I can only stare into this picture, mesmerized by her happiness, fill in my own story, and wonder....  Why didn't I ask her when I could?

My Summer without Regret...

My Summer Is...
Page turning
Children swimming
Gobs of learning

Yet, I enjoy with a tight gut for the time is passing.
I fret.
I stew.
I mourn the care-free days, soon to be lost.

I'm glad to be reminded of what, my Summer should be...

Moments Defining
Deep Sighing
Smile Savoring
Children enjoying
Gobs of cherishing

To enjoy the flittering moment.
Far from the Yet.
Be still.
And breath in the sweet timing, the brief moment, the undone list.

I'm here, now, and it can't be taken from me today.
Not even by the ticking clock.