Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Little Author

Anticipation builds,
Kenna's book for the Young Author's conference shipped.

Watching the UPS tracker, her book slowly traveled from Massachusetts to Rhode Island, and had been sitting in New Jersey for an entire day.  The March 17th arrival date dragged its feet.

Logging in for our week-long ritual check of the UPS tracker, I took a double take when I read "Out for Delivery" at 8:05 this morning!

Upon hearing this, Kenna briefly danced around the room.  My Mama heart mirrored her little dance.  Quickly, she drags a chair to the window to wait.  I silently hope the UPS tracker site was accurate.

Within fifteen minutes the big, brown truck pulls up beside our mailbox.  Kenna, leaping from her chair, barely touches the ground as she grabs the door, opens it, and watches the driver slowly walk to the door.  He hands her the brown cardboard package, and her celebration dance begins again.  The driver chuckles as he walks back to his truck.

In between twirls, she begs, "Can I open it?, Can I?, Can I?"  Trying to catch every move of this young author's first printed story on the camera, I persuade her to close her eyes while I cut open the box.

Placing the opened box in front of her, I grab the camera just as she lifts the cardboard flaps.  She cradles her book like a fragile baby.  She gleams as she studies its hot pink cover, and slowly reads her name on the cover.  "I love it," she repeats.  She looks at her own drawings and carefully selected words throughout the book.  She gasps when she sees the "About the Author" on the back cover.  Her picture along with a summary of her hobbies, grade, and how she was inspired to write a book like Cynthia Rylant. 

My teacher heart soars as I watch this young writer gush over her first piece of writing.  I can't take my eyes away from her.  She reads the book to her brother.  She gathers paper, and begins crafting a new sign for her bedroom door, "The Author's Room".  Taping it to her door, she returns to her paper and starts another poster, "Making a New Book Room".  This poster hangs on her closet door.  I peek my head in to see her book neatly propped up on her doll's closet.  She's a writer, and she's already making plans for more stories. 


  1. What a fun story. It is always great to hear about parents who encourage and celebrate writing with their children. My mom was always a big supporter for me. I am glad that you documented and shared the experience with us.

  2. What joy you describe with your words. Happy writing to your daughter.

  3. Oh, Michelle, I got goosebumps. I love that Kenna is so excited about writing. Props to Mama for setting that spark in her and allowing her to stretch and grow through this experience. She has an imagination to match her energy. So cool!

  4. *Love*
    Thank you for making me feel like I was there! I can't wait to read her book, too!

  5. Wow -- her mom is quite a writer too. I feel like I was right there with her. Love the signs!

  6. Thank you everyone! Watching Kenna get so excited, reminds me that every child in my classroom needs that final celebration in writing. That moment to rejoice in all their hard work!

  7. It was as much fun to read this story as it was to hear you tell me about it. :) I felt all of Kenna's excitement (and yours, too!) Thanks for sharing this slice and for letting me read her book today. She has quite a writing future ahead of her!