Friday, April 1, 2011

Slicing Life's Events

Whew... Posting for 24 days in March has changed my writing process a bit.  I began the month with pure emotion, and ended searching for a reason to write.  Writing always seems to be on the back burner, but this month I had ideas that became priorities.  I wrote this month for so many reasons.  I wrote to grieve.  I wrote to relive.  I wrote to reflect.  I wrote to debrief.  I wrote to preserve.  I wrote to share.  I wrote to interact.  I wrote for feedback.  I wrote to experience.  I wrote to prove that I could.   

I'm so grateful to everyone that read and commented.  I truly didn't understand how powerful another person's comment about my writing could be.  I didn't realize how powerful writing could be for grief.  I didn't realize how hard the last week would be to find something "new" to share. 

So, without further ado, I hope everyone enjoys their Spring Break.  I thank you for reading my posts and sharing your lives with me.  Until SOLC Tuesdays....

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  1. I think you have gained a lot of wisdom about the difficulty of writing. Many of us Slicers found it difficult (I think I missed a day) to find something significant to write. I'm sure those who opened up my post one morning to find that I had written about banana-induced guilt thought I was off my rocker. Often I would go back and read Ruth's definition of what a slice is, and that would give me new eyes.

    I have new admiration for authors of novels, short stories and plays as I've gone through the month. I think we're all kind of relieved the dailiness is over.

    Happy Writing--See you next year!
    Elizabeth E.