Monday, March 5, 2012

Role Models Revisited

I work with the most amazing people. They work hard and they look for the best in others! My son and daughter have gotten to experience these amazing people each day after school. I knew how much my kids loved visiting my co-workers, but didn't realize their importance to my children until the day my daughter got off the bus crying. As I talked to her about her tears, she told me the problem and lastly said, "I want to go see Vickie and Mary Jane." I smiled to myself, and silently agreed that those were the people that I'd want to see if I were upset too. I am so grateful that my children have these two ladies in their life...why? They help guide them through their example of unconditional love. They love my children and their unique qualities, and they help them grow in many ways. Their actions show my kids how to be respectful, yet accepting. For that I will forever be grateful! Bless you, Vickie and Mary Jane and your faithful acceptance of all that you interact with! My children and I are better for knowing you!

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