Monday, February 18, 2013

Role Model Mondays

There is no one on Earth that must love my children as I do.
Yet, as a mother, it pains me when my children are not loved as I love them.

I gazed upon them as weak, delicate infants that needed me for their very survival, and I gave up my own needs and desires to meet theirs. I did this easily because of their sweet gift of love to me.

There will be people in my children's lives that ran to cradle my sweet, delicate infants, but will forget those first snuggles quickly as childhood continues and reveals how my children develop their personalities, their loves, and passions. The sweet infants will be forgotten as the mistakes of my children will be seen as annoyances rather than important steps of growth.

I look back on my children's initial welcome into the world by adults as a wonderful beginning that has been squelched as communication, physical development, and emotional expressions take hold of my growing children.

As I consider the "baby swooning" years, I mourn the loss of that initial intrigue and I regret that my children may never again get to feel that unconditional love from everyone they meet.

As a mother, I want my children to feel the appreciation and guidance from those they interact with. I want my children to see the gifts of adults beyond myself and adapt those wonderful qualities into their own personalities.  I know that they will only see those great qualities from individuals that are willing to look beyond the quirky childhood habits long enough to recognize the sparks of greatness within my children and then act to ignite those sparks.

I know that the majority of adults will fail to look beyond the awkward character growing within my children and will only work to snuff out the sparks of greatness as they focus on the areas where my children are in much need of improvement.

For those individuals that will take time to stop and look for the good within my child, I will forever be indebted to you for sharing your amazing gifts of patience, giving, and sincerity. Because you will have taught them how love and caring can come from someone that is not their parent.  You will be amazing role models for my children!

I would like to spend some time this year highlighting the individuals that make deposits of love into my children's lives, and to thank them for being positive influences to my children.

Today's role model is my sister, and my children's Aunt Sara.  She cherished them as babies, but has grown to cherish the quirky and recognize the exceptional within my children.  Thank you, Aunt Sara!  The beautiful qualities that your personality has shown will be absorbed into my children's life experiences, and I pray that those caring and patient qualities will be re-gifted through my children to someone else!

Waiting for Aunt Sara to get out of her meeting!


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