Saturday, March 3, 2018

Current Mission



"Not this one, either," I sighed as I add another book to the growing pile on my classroom floor.

I mutter across the

room to my three year old, "Mama isn't going to have any books left!"

He giggles and flashes a smile over at me, "You'll always have books, Mama!"

I smile back, and turn back to the cabinet that I am organizing.  I'm grabbing books that haven't been opened in close to 5 years.  The variety of resources filling this cabinet exhaust my mind.  Programs that were used years ago, now sit collecting dust.

Why am I such a pack rat?  I wonder.  Why can't I seem to let go and move on?  Better yet, why does education keep changing when I blink? 

The purge continues.  I keep glancing over to my sweet little boy.  His piles of Playdoh cover one of the 4th grader's desks while he chatters on and on about his creations.  He's absorbing new information as he breathes. 

I quickly flip through another resource book that is filled with worksheets.  Blank lines waiting to be filled.  I sigh, and toss the book into the discard pile.  When I look at the pile, I am amazed.  I cleared an entire shelf.  The pile is taller than my little boy, and I can feel my mental space clear a bit.  I know this purge is important to focus more on my current planning process.  Every physical space that I clear is another step of clarity in my mind. 

I glance over to my little boy, and am thankful to clear more mental space for him and my family.  They deserve to have more 100% of me when I am home, and that's my current mission.

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